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The Coach x Harman Kardon Limited Edition Series

By Victor Baker


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Coach x Harman Kardon

The well-known luxury brand Coach has teamed up with audio specialist Harman Kardon for a limited series of exquisite gadgets for audiophiles: the Soho Wireless headphones and the Esquire Mini speakers.

First, the fashionable Soho Wireless on-ear headphones feature Bluetooth and NFC compatibility, as well as touch sensitive ear cups which allow the user to control music simply with taps and swipes. On the inside, there are 30 mm drivers capable of offering a frequency range between 20Hz and 20kHz.

The bottom of the ear cups, however, allows for a 3.5 mm input for additional battery life. All that quality will set you back $275, with the earphones to be packaged in a keepsake limited edition pouch.

Coach x Harman Kardon

Next, the Esquire Mini portable Bluetooth speaker is really slim, showing off either a varsity stripe pattern or a wild beast motif. The $175 speaker benefits from 8 hours of battery life, more than enough to enjoy your favorite songs.

Furthermore, with premium materials involved in the build, as well as uni-body design, this speaker is more than worth its money. Please note that both the limited edition headphones and speakers are already available online, at Harman Kardon and Coach’s official webpages. Have fun shopping!

Coach x Harman Kardon

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