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The Caterham Seven SuperSprint is an Exciting Little Car

Caterham Seven SuperSprint

One year after the introduction of the limited-run Seven Sprint, Caterham is back in our attention with a new four wheel masterpiece, called the Caterham Seven SuperSprint. Designed for the European and UK markets, this beauty celebrates 60 years of history of retro-flavored goodness for the Caterham 7, that’s why it will only make 60 drivers happy.

But trust us, it will easily do so, after they pay exactly £29,995 ($39,210) to get one. The technical specification sheet is quite interesting, with only 94 hp coming out of a three-cylinder engine, but an overhead camshaft, radiator, an electric fan and turbo, will make sure you’re having a little bit of fun, since this car is ultra light.

We should also mention the five-speed transmission, complemented by a limited slip differential, the front disc brakes with twin piston calipers, the rear drum brakes, the race-inspired suspension with adjustable platforms, or the impressive Bilstein shock absorbers, although that three-cylinder is stuck in our minds. Why did they go for that particular choice?

Caterham Seven SuperSprint

The Caterham Seven SuperSprint may be ordered with single or twin seats and will show off one of six paint schemes, each of them with its own signature color, and contrasting ‘noseband’, named after classic race circuits. But there is more to the styling of this model than meets the eye.

For instance, I doubt everyone has noticed the extended front cycle wings, the Le Mans-style mesh grille and side intake, that stunning polished exhaust, or the gray-finished chassis and suspension. And the full racing livery or those 14-inch cream wheels really made my day.

The cabin features a 4-point racing harness, to keep the driver safe, on and off the track, as well as a wooden rimmed steering wheel, unique dashboard finishes, quilted stitched seats trimmed in Innes Tan, Scottish Muirhead leather, push-button start, a heating system, and more – the heating system will most likely work in vain.

Each car will come with a numbered plaque on the dashboard, and it can be also equipped with optional features, such as stainless steel rear wing guards or Scottish Muirhead leather. Any thoughts?

Caterham Seven SuperSprint


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