The CalypsoCase by Lara Bohinc for your iPhone

UK’s fabled designer Lara Bohinc has teamed up with the Slovenian manufacturer of accessories for mobile phones CalypsoCrystal to manufacture a series of accessories for the iPhone 5, 4 and 4S, reportedly named the CalypsoCase by Lara Bohinc.

The actual cases were handcrafted in Slovenia, by CalypsoCrystal, from top notch Italian leather, titanium and silver, while the designs were penned down by Lara Bohinc in London. The designer wishes to state that her vision “was to apply my design aesthetics to the CalypsoCase in a way that it would not just look, but also feel wonderful. The unique three dimensional experience is created by the simplicity of the lines combines with the richness of the premium Italian leather.”

The founder of CalypsoCrystal, Matej Kurent, wanted to add that the cases’ manufacturers are “extremely proud of this cooperation with Lara Bohinc. Together we have come up with a stunning new iPhone case, well worth your companionship.” He added that the purpose of CalypsoCrystal was to bring fashion to the phone accessories market.

The CalypsoCase by Lara Bohinc will definitely be loved by everyone who buys it. This exquisite iPhone 5 accessory is available at €149 (around $169) and there are a total of three designs customers can choose from: Sunrise, crafted from deep black leather with a pure silver ring, the Rainbow Dream with its deep red cabrio version and the Rainbow, manufactured from glittering silver leather, bearing Lara’s design.