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The BMW Vision DC Roadster: a Vision of the Future of Motorcycles

By Thom Esveld


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At the recent #NEXTGen event, BMW has also revealed the incredible Vision DC Roadster, an insight into how BMW Motorrad envisions the future of electric motorcycles. Crafted from only lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber, the stylish full electric sport bike is an interesting addition on the emerging market of electric motorcycles.

The BMW Vision DC Roadster comes with a large battery pack with metallic cooling ribs and two fans on the sides, with a 3D surround for the battery pack giving it an interesting look. Below the battery there’s the electric motor, cylinder shaped, which sends power to the rear wheel through a universal shaft, which is exposed and gives a nice look to the bike.

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While there are no performance specs out yet, BMW assures us that the bike comes with a high level of torque and breathtaking acceleration. The bike features a milled aluminum frame, with a minimalist digital instrument cluster, stylish seat and impressive integrated LED brake lights.

The daytime running light comes in the distinctive U shaped LED, plus two more compact LEDs for high and low beams. Each of the two Metzeler tires comes with some special features. They’ve got five integrated fluorescent elements the size of a postage stamp, which help improve the bike’s visibility in low light and at night, thus improving overall safety of the rider.

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