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The $28 000 Ralph Gibson Limited Edition Leica Monochrome

By Brody Patterson


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Photography has come a long way since the early black-and-white days. And while crisp, crystal-clear images dozens with a depth of dozens mexapixels and with so many colors human eyesight can’t even really perceive them all are great, there’s still something to be said about classic monochromatic photos.

This is where Leica’s Monochrome digital camera comes in: the first full-frame, 35 mm format digital camera designed specifically for black-and-white photography. This trip back in time would set you back $8000, but for photographers who want a little bit extra and have the money to spend Leica has created something quite special.

World-renowned Leica photographer Ralph Gibson is endorsing this very limited edition camera, with only 35 of them being manufactured. It features black leather upholstery in volcanic pattern and a silver plated top. Buyers have also received an autographed black-and-white photograph and a limited edition of Ralph Gibson’s new book, called ‘MONO’.

We said “have received” because, despite its $28 000 price-tag, this Leica Monochrome limited edition sold out in the first five minutes!


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