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The $26,000 Elysium Is The Most Technically Advanced Chair Money Can Buy

By Victor Baker


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British inventor and furniture designer Dr. David Wickett is the man responsible for the impressive Elysium chair before you. Designed to simulate weightlessness, this incredibly elegant chair can be controlled by hand gestures alone, which makes it a lot more interesting than your regular office chair, right?

David Wickett’s company, called DavidHugh, will develop only 20 chairs like the one pictured right here, each of them priced at a cool $26,000 and featuring a numbered, engraved gold panel, reading “DavidHugh Launch Edition”. If you have the privilege to be in London in the next days, you should head over Bang & Olufsen’s flagship showroom in Knightsbridge, where you could see and test out Elysium’s amazing features first hand.


Elysium is actually the result of careful layering of ergonomically engineered structures, benefiting from an advanced carbon fiber skeleton, traditional upholstery springs, as well various high resilient and viscoelastic foams which offer support, pressure relief and comfort.

Promising a one of a kind experience, the Elysium chair packs a patented frictionless technology meant to move the body with absolute ease and keep everything balanced out. Its price-tag might seem like a lot for most of us, but we’re sure it’s worth every single penny, because it would give a new meaning to the world relaxation.


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