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The 15 Most Expensive Vacation Spots in the World

By Vlad Craciun


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We all know vacations are expensive, involving a lot of costs, but some of them, they can go beyond what any regular traveler can ever imagine. Some of the most remote corners of the world, plus breathtaking sights and the most luxurious accommodations will make most of the travelers out there be happy with less.

Except if you’re a millionaire, bank robber or got amazingly lucky and found a treasure chest somewhere during your previous budget vacation. Even like that, you might take some time to think about it seriously before deciding to jump right in, fly to the end of the world and pay an ostentatious price for just one night of relaxing sleep.

But even if you’re not that lucky, this next list of The 15 Most Expensive Vacation Spots in The World might serve as a welcome inspiration for your retirement bucket list or simply as a way to relax your mind during your lunch break and instill that wanderlust feeling in your heart.

Either way, have a look at these super expensive and mesmerizing vacation places on Earth:

15. Royal Suite at the Burj al Arab, Dubai – $9,000

Royal Suite at the Burj al Arab

One of the world’s most expensive and extravagant hotels, the Burj al Arab in Dubai, awaits its most wealthy guests with a Royal Suite that costs no less than $9,000 per night.

Two master bedrooms with their own Jacuzzi, marble and gold entryway and a grand staircase to the upper level are just some of the amenities this lavish suite offers.

14. North Island, Seychelles – $11,000

North Island

The Seychelles are becoming increasingly popular among the rich and famous, with private resorts reserved for those who want to get away from the world.

The most exclusive spot of the islands is the Villa North Island, an 8,000 square feet of wooden decks, coconut groves and a secluded beach with private entrance.

13. Raj Palace Maharajah’s Pavilion, Jaipur, India – $15,000

Raj Palace Maharajah’s Pavilion

For those who want to feel like a king, the palatial suite at Raj Palace in Jaipur, India is the go to place. Majarajah’s Pavilion is a four-floor suite available to anybody who can drop $15,000 a night.

The suite comprises of a rooftop terrace at the last floor, offering astonishing panoramic views of Janipur and a Jacuzzi. There’s a private entrance and a private elevator, ensuring maximum privacy for the guests. And if that wasn’t enough, the apartment also includes a private museum at the second floor, displaying the Old Throne and Bolsters of Thakur Sahib.

12. Africa House at The Royal Malewane, South Africa – $15,000

frica House at The Royal Malewane

When you want to take part in a safari, you go to Africa. After coming back from a safari, you need to relax your tired body and get pampered in one of the coziest accommodations you could find in South Africa.

The Royal Malewane is a luxury safari lodge in the Greater Kruger National Park. Their private bush villa, called Africa House, has everything one might need after coming back from an exclusive safari adventure. Private outdoor deck with shower, antique eclectic furniture, carved four poster beds in each of its six bedrooms, private chef, Persian rugs and all the pampering one would need, including the resort’s spa and massage services.

The price for this extraordinary experience rises to $15,000 per night. But you can take up to seven friends with you. We’re sure they’d be glad.

11. Villa Manzu, Costa Rica – $16,500

Villa Manzu

If serenity, exclusivity and privacy are your thing, then Villa Manzu in Costa Rica should be the next vacation spot on your bucket list.

With only eight suites on this estate on Costa Rica’s exclusive Papagayo Peninsula, intimacy is at its best. Add to that the swimming pools, the bar and party room, the wine room, the theater and the relaxation grounds with comfy hammocks and stunning views of the sea and you’ll want no more.

One thing though. Make sure you have a bank account to match this amazing place, because one night there will set you back at least $16,500.

10. Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas – $20,000

Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort

Las Vegas may not seem like the most serene vacation spot, but the Palms Casino Resort with its Sky Villa overlooking the chaotic Las Vegas strip surely does.

The posh bedroom with its large round bed and matching ceiling mirror, cantilevered pool extending on the balcony outside will surely make you never want to leave. The price will probably make you, since a night in the Sky Villa costs a whooping $20,000.

9. Presidential Suite in Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan, Italy – $20,000

Presidential Suite in Hotel Principe di Savoia

The fashion capital of the world, Milan, Italy, couldn’t not have an extravagant hotel to match its fame. Hotel Principe di Savoia welcomes guests with what’s probably one of the most opulent hotel suite in the world.

With velvet covered sofa and armchairs, in-suite pool, chic chandeliers and furniture, everything feels like taken out of a palace. The details perfectly match the extravagance of the other features and the price matches everything, since it’s a jaw-dropping $20,000 per night.

8. Penthouse Apartment in Hotel Georges V, Paris, France – $26,500

Penthouse Apartment in Hotel Georges V

With unmatched stunning views from above Paris, the Penthouse Apartment in Hotel Georges V is one of the most lavish places to spend a night in the capital of France.

Romantic dinners on the rooftop balcony with iconic sights to the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River, complete relaxation in the marble infinity bathtub and the suite bountiful with all the amenities you could ever want will cost you a good $26,500 per night.

7. Chalet Zermatt Peak, Zermatt, Switzerland – $27,300

Chalet Zermatt Peak

Chalet Zermatt Peak in Zermatt, Switzerland is widely recognized as one of the most exclusive and expensive ski chalets in the world.

Returning to the chalet after a fun time on the slopes will end anyone’s day in absolute comfort. The massage services, great apres-ski treats and Michelin-starred gourmet chef sound just perfect. The price will also reflect that, with a $27,300 per night.

6. Suite 5000 at the Mandarin Oriental, New York City – $36,000

Suite 5000 at the Mandarin Oriental

One of the secrets of New York is the Suite 5000 at the Mandarin Oriental, available only to those few who know about it, as there’s no information about it on their website.

The suite, located on the 50th floor of the hotel, is a wonderful sample of New York culture, old and present. From the city’s 1930 music scene to the artistic influences, the Suite 5000 has a stunning museum feeling to it. The price for a night there rises to an impressive figure: $36,000.

5. Alang Alang Chateau, Cannes, France – $41,000

Alang Alang Chateau

For the Cannes Film Festival enthusiasts, the Alang Alang Chateau in Cannes, France is a Balinese like villa perfect for a getaway. A very luxurious and expensive one, since you’ll pay no less than $41,000 per night.

The estate features everything you might want, from stunning views to the gorgeous outdoor pool and staff to make your dreams come true.

4. Hilltop Villa at the Laucala Island Resort, Laucala Island, Fiji – $44,000

Hilltop Villa at the Laucala Island Resort

Vacation in a superb setting on a private island in a gorgeous villa sounds like wishful thinking, doesn’t it? It’s not. The Hilltop Villa atop Fiji’s Laucala Island is as real as it gets. Actually, as real as $44,000 a night.

There’s one more thing though. Money themselves might not be enough to get you there, as each reservation requires the approval of the island owner. But if you do get there, please send us a postcard.

3. Necker Island, Caribbean – $80,000

Necker Island

Owned by billionaire Richard Branson, the Necker Island was picked as a vacation spot by the former United States president, Barack Obama, so if it was good enough for him, it should be good enough for you too.

The only thing is that you need to make sure it’s good enough for your bank account as well, since a night there will make a considerable gap in it with a whooping $80,000.

But at least you’ll get to enjoy scuba diving, water-skiing, sailing or kite surfing like a president.

2. Royal Penthouse at the President Wilson Hotel, Geneva – $80,000

Royal Penthouse at the President Wilson Hotel

Renowned for being the largest hotel suite in Europe and the most expensive in the world, the Royal Penthouse at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva will surely leave its guests deeply impressed and with a big hole in their pockets. For only one night in the Royal Penthouse will set them back a good $80,000.

But with a total of 12 rooms, more than 5,500 square feet of space and an iconic terrace overlooking the snow capped peaks of the Alps over Lake Geneva, the Royal Penthouse is a once in a lifetime experience.

1. White Desert Luxury Retreats, Antarctica – $195,000

White Desert Luxury Retreats

The number one most expensive vacation spot on Earth is also the farthest away from civilization. Antarctica. For ‘only’ $195,000, you can enjoy a little bit of luxury in the most remote corner of this planet, the Whichaway Camp on the ice continent.

Offered by the company White Desert, the 24 hour trip includes a five hour private jet flight from Cape Town, South Africa, eight hours of exploration of the greatest white wilderness of our planet with private professional guides, a gourmet dinner prepared by an award winning chef and last but not least, champagne.

This unforgettable day trip will end in the company’s Luxury Retreats, which are individual dome-like hotels filled with amenities one wouldn’t even dream of in that remote corner of this world.

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