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Ducasse sur Seine is a Floating Restaurant Like no Other

By Adrian Prisca


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Ducasse sur Seine

Everyone dreams of going to Paris, but even if you’ve been in the City of Lights or Love before, there are numerous reasons to come back. One of them might be a visit to Ducasse sur Seine, the newest restaurant of the legendary Alain Ducasse, a floating restaurant-boat like no other, that will mix the chef’s delightful culinary creations with unforgettable river views of Paris.

If you don’t know this yet, Alain Ducasse is the world’s most Michelin-starred living chef, and the design of this one-of-a-kind restaurant had to match his excellence. That’s why he teamed up with two talented couturier-designers, Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman, who came up with an interior that would reflect the chef’s unique vision for an enticing, world-class dining experience.

The boat itself was also specially designed for Alain Ducasse by Parisian naval architect Gérard Ronzatti, who managed to bring together the worlds of naval and terrestrial design in a stunning package. The exterior design has cues from both Classical and Baroque architecture, in an effort to complement the landmarks of Paris in the best way possible.

Ducasse sur Seine

Ducasse sur Seine was opened just a few weeks ago in October, but it’s already one of the most sought-after restaurants in Paris, with a special cruising menu that includes a contemporary take on the classical French cuisine and mouth-watering seasonal products cooked on the spot! And since France is famous for its wine, you can be sure there’s a wide array of fine wines to suit this delicious food.

Just imagine sailing along the Seine, in this incredible gourmet restaurant, while you’re passing by some of the greatest monuments in Paris – that sounds dreamy, right? The ultra modern boat that was turned into this unique floating restaurant is electrically powered and it aims to harmonize with its magnificent surroundings – even the ceiling mimics the movement and reflections of the Seine.

Ducasse sur Seine

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