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The $100 million Graff Peacock Brooch

By Brian Pho


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It’s one thing to wear rings encrusted with decent diamonds, which we find rather ordinary, and it’s a totally opposite idea the concept of wearing a $100 million brooch with diamonds weighing as much as 120 carats. I sincerely don’t find it as a proof of responsibility, but I have to admit it’s quite a proof of incomparable expertise. Furthermore, as it bears the mark of Graff Diamonds, this jewel is one of those pieces you never forget.

The London-based British jewelcrafter is already renowned for many flawless pieces, like some of the most expensive engagement rings in the world and the most expensive diamonds to be sold on auction, but this one comes from a different dimension. Definitely not for wearing, the Peacock Brooch would better serve as a collectible, among the plethora of similar pieces owned by billionaires.

Amazingly, according to many, the main attraction is not the embellishment of 1,305 different stones weighing a total of 120.81 carats, but the deep blue diamond found in the middle of the fancy brooch, weighing 20.02 carats alone. This is the largest diamond mounted on the Peacock Brooch, and the best looking of all. In addition to clear white diamonds, the brooch also boasts yellow, orange, green and pink diamonds, ensuring a superb, colorful appearance.

If you’re curious about how would $100 million look in jewels, it can be seen at the TEFAF Art Fair in the Netherlands, on display until the 24th of March.


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