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Technicon’s Carat 187 Superyacht is the Epitome of Elegance

By Vlad Craciun


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Technicon Carat 187

After revolutionizing designs in the aviation and automotive worlds, Technicon Design launched a new audacious concept: the Carat 187 superyacht, a futuristic 187-foot long yacht concept that breaks all the norms of yacht design.

Technicon are masters in luxury transport and that’s something that dominates all their design concepts, with a focus on exclusivity. The silhouette of the Carat 187 is easily a head-turner, but once you get a closer look, the yacht’s unique design will impress you with all its avant-garde details.

The brilliant designers from Technicon used an asymmetrical shell with sculptural outlines on the sides of this vessel, combined with minimalist surfaces which resulted in a nonconforming exterior design, that looks extravagant and luxurious in every way.

Technicon Carat 187

The choice of colors reminds of elegance and red carpets – a symbol of luxury that inspired many features on board, including the two curved stairs at the rear. The sublime details of this yacht’s design will deliver sensational visual experiences to anyone onboard.

Technicon’s Carat 187 aims to be the ultimate expression of luxury and exclusivity – let’s just hope there’s someone out there who’s willing to bring this spectacular concept to life.

Technicon Carat 187

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