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Take The Leica Q Globe-Trotter On A World Tour

By Victor Baker


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Leica Q Globe-Trotter

Leica recently took the wraps off the new Q Globe-Trotter, a gorgeous limited edition camera that’s bound to make all your future trips unforgettable. Following the vintage-looking “Safari” edition, Leica’s latest take on our favorite camera represents a wonderful mix between the German firm’s optical precision and Globe-Trotter’s English handmade elegance.

The Leica Q Globe-Trotter is basically an all-in-one package, since it’s matched by an equally appealing Globe Trotter case. The camera itself weights in at just 640 g and it’s crafted from a solid block of aluminum, while its body chassis was constructed from a lightweight magnesium alloy. Yes, this thing is even more impressive than your standard Leica camera.

Leica Q Globe-Trotter

Two different colors are up for grabs – a wonderful navy blue and a soft pink – and I’m quite sure I already know which one I prefer. Leica will release this beauty on the market on August 9th, and since it will be produced in limited numbers, we’re pretty sure it will be extremely sought after.

The technical features of this camera are not really a surprise. A high-resolution 1280 x 960 electronic viewfinder, the ability to shoot 60/30 fps videos, Full HD 1080p capabilities and the company’s excellent Summilux 28-mm F1.7 lens, working alongside a 24-megapixel CMOS sensor – with NFC or WiFi included.

Now, the only thing left to do is to pick some interesting destinations around the world, grab this cool camera with you and capture some of the most amazing places and moments. We won’t ruin your day with price-tags, because we don’t know yet exactly how much this thing will cost.

Leica Q Globe-Trotter



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