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The Vintage-Looking Leica Safari Limited Edition Camera

By Brody Patterson


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Leica has recently announced the Safari edition, an exclusive release comprising a Leica Summicron-M 35mm/f2 ASPH with round metal lens hood, a full grain cowhide carrying strap, and matching SD & business card holder.

With a its safari and olive color palette, including an olive lacquered top cover, leatherette and bottom plate, it looks like the perfect companion to take with you on a journey of exploration through the wilderness. Its 1960s look is no accident, by the way, as the camera was specifically designed to resemble the Leicas which were made in the past for the military, including the Leica logo and “Wetzlar Germany” inscription and everything.

The Leica Safari edition comes with a 35mm /f2 ASPH lens in silver chrome and a matching round metal lens hood. There’s also a Leica MAX 24 MP CMOS Sensor, an integrated imaging circuit with Leica Maestro Image processor, full-HD (1080p) video recording, and a 3 inch TFT display. Even the packaging has been modified for this very special release.

Photographers who want to take the Leica Safari edition on their next expedition have to be prepared to pay the $9,900 pre-order price for this impressive camera. And they’ll have to decide pretty quickly too, since only 1500 of them will be available worldwide.

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