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Take that Perfect Shot with Leica’s Nikki Sixx Edition

Leica Nikki Sixx Edition

There’s a new Leica camera in town, with an exclusive look that’s meant to make every shot even more incredible. But first things first: are you familiar with Motley Crue co-founder Nikki Sixx? The man is known for his crazy lifestyle, although few of you might know that he’s also developed a passion for photography in these last couple of years.

He is actually so good at taking photos that the renowned German camera brand Leica wanted to team up with him, and released a special, limited-run “Nikki Sixx Edition” camera.

Leica Nikki Sixx Edition

Based on the impressive Leica Q, this special camera will be available only in 8 different Leica stores in the United States, standing out from the crowd thanks to the black snakeskin finish on leatherette and a laser engraved signature from Nikki Sixx. There’s also a black leather wristband and a 10th anniversary autographed copy of Nikki Sixx’s bestselling memoir “Heroin Diaries”.

As you take a closer look at these photos, please note that just 28 cameras like this one will be available for purchase –  the age Sixx was when he first overdosed on heroin. That’s a bit out of line, at least to us, but that does not make the camera any less interesting.

Leica Nikki Sixx Edition


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