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Forget All About Winter At Masseria San Domenico

Masseria San Domenico

Proudly sitting right on the Adriatic coast, in the beautiful region of Puglia, Italy, Masseria San Domenico looks like a sun-drenched watchtower, glancing over the sea and the lovely olive groves around. In fact, this one-of-a-kind hotel was exactly a watchtower, many centuries ago, for the Knights of Malta.

This gorgeous whitewashed building actually dates back to 1400’s and it was beautifully converted into a luxury boutique hotel, where world class service, a spectacular old world decor and just a few modern amenities create an overwhelming atmosphere.

Masseria San Domenico

Needless to say, this lavish retreat went through a few renovations since it was built, nearly 600 years ago. It retained most of its original charm, but the lovely indoor and outdoor pools are brand new, and so is the 18-hotel golf course. The charming antique furniture in each of the 48 rooms and suites is also a few levels of luxury above what the knights might have enjoyed back in the day.

But if you want to travel back in time, you could do that at the breathtaking restaurant at Masseria San Domenico, which dates back to the 1700’s. Here, you could enjoy some of the best traditional delights from the region of Puglia, made from fresh ingredients grown right on the hotel’s grounds. Let’s go to Italy!

Masseria San Domenico


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