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Sumptuous Estate in Sugar Land, Texas

By Brody Patterson


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Located on Palm Royale Boulevard in the affluent Texan town of Sugar Land, this exquisite double gated property is the pinnacle of luxurious living, but also offers its owners the highest levels of privacy.

Sitting at the center of a 1.7-acre property that is one of the most desired pieces of real estate in the area, this epic mansion is truly the stuff of dreams. Within the 19,180-square-feet of living space there are no fewer than 9 luxurious bedrooms (including an amazing two story master bedroom), as well as 10 full and 5 half baths. There’s also an impressive three-story foyer with a stained glass dome, in addition to two large gourmet kitchens. Other features that highlight the opulence of this residence are the 24-carat gold leafing details and the Venetian plaster walls.

This sumptuous estate is currently on the market for $12.8 million.

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