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Summer In Provence Is An Amazing High Jewelry Collection by Fabergé

By Victor Baker


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summer in provence

Summer in Provence may sound like an incredibly romantic vacation in France, but it is actually a new astounding High Jewelry collection from Fabergé which tries to capture the dreamy atmosphere of the South of France. Enamel and precious gemstones create a stunning ribbon of flowers that’s inspired from the Russian folklore, which makes these pieces absolutely gorgeous.

The new Fabergé jewelry collection includes texture and layered necklaces plus some chic earrings and rings which look like they’ve just been hand crafted with Nature-provided materials, with contrasting colors and materials, resembling the woven fabric of summer dresses.

summer in provence

Decorated with turquoise beads, pearls, polished enamel, baguette emeralds and Paraiba tourmalines, these jewelry pieces will surely impress everyone right away.

Summer in Provence jewels are graceful and perfectly fit the free-spirited and always charming Fabergé woman. Please note that the Summer in Provence collection comes in diamond, emerald and multi-colored sapphire versions, with matching timepieces as an added bonus.

summer in provence

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