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Stunning Waterfront Property in North Saanich, on the Canadian West Coast

By Brody Patterson


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This West Coast Contemporary mansion, located on the western facing shores of the Saanich Inlet, in British Columbia, Canada, was quite progressive for its day when it was completed in the 1970s. Now, after going through a thorough renovation process, equipped with state of the art facilities, the residence is fully restored and once again progressive.

The 2-acre property boasts 400 feet of temperate rainforest waterfront, providing amazing views through its fully glassed walls. This design feature also ensures the interior gets plenty of natural light, while also contributing to the overall airy feel of the place. The materials used in the house’s construction are top notch: locally milled cedar, custom quarried Rajasthani slate floors, Australian brush box flooring, black honed granite counters, and cabinetry panels of resin embedded reeds, all blend together exquisitely creating a felling of opulence owners and guest alike will be impressed by.

The 5,535-square-foot home has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and even more alluring spaces on the outside. There are several exterior decks which make up a barbeque area and even a pool with adjoining changing room and steam/shower.

This stunning West Coast Contemporary property is currently on the market for C$5,575,000, the equivalent of about $5,233,000.

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