Stunning waterfront home in Crystal Bay, Nevada for Sale

Overviewing Lake Tahoe, this estate is located in USA’s Incline Village, in Crystal Bay, Nevada. The marvelous construction packed with glass walls and superb finishes, is now listed for sale for anyone who wants this piece of heaven.

Previously named the “Cliff House”, during its project phase, this stunning residence combines utility with elegance and breathtaking views. Currently known as “The Lake House”, it was designed by the San Francisco-based studio Mark Dziewulski Architect.

After a construction process that last for four years, it was finally complete complete during February 2010. It features a five-storey format, with elements made of glass, concrete and steel. Overall, the mansion comprises four bedrooms with bathrooms, a six-level glass stairwell, a pier that solely belongs to the property and a superb glass elevator.

The price for this property is currently as stunning as the looks of it – $43 million. We used “currently” because the current owners will probably have to lower the sum in order to manage to sell it.