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Sophia Webster Is All About Barbie Dolls These Days

By Victor Baker


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The fashion world is just a little obsessed with Barbie, particularly with her favorite color: pink. The famous doll has inspired numerous collections and designer dolls and she even has 912,000 followers on her Instagram style account, which is more than impressive for a doll, right?

Aside from that somewhat odd fact, you should know that Barbie has yet again inspired a collection, this time with Sophia Webster hitting stores. There’s something special about every Barbie collection, and few people can explain why.

Sophia Webster’s Barbie footwear comes at a perfect time, especially since line has been a dream of Mrs. Webster for some time now. Her vision blends reality and imagination, and might even get Barbie closer to parading around in East London.

The Barbie footwear collection is comprised of six lovely adult shoes, including two pairs of sneakers, one pair of sandals and three pairs of heels. Children have not been forgotten, as they will be enjoying three matching versions of some of these shoes in their size. The lineup will be available at Selfridges and on Sophia Webster’s official website starting August 27.

For those into more exclusivity, you should know that come September, a limited-edition Barbie doll will also be released. The Barbie doll by Sophia Webster will feature a specialty box, as well as the Sophia Webster Riko hi-top glitter trainers. Enjoy shopping!


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