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The RV1 Carbon Chair Is Modern Art At Its Best

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RV1 Carbon Chair

It’s all about carbon fiber these days, folks. The cool-looking and durable space-age material has revolutionized the way objects in the 21st century are built, and the cross-over from the aeronautical and automotive fields to others was just a matter of time. For instance, take a look at this stunning RV1 Carbon Chair.

This wonderful piece of furniture was designed by Kris Lamba, and comes complete with an extremely unconventional shape and a dark tinted black high-gloss natural-carbon finish. What’s really interesting about this superb chair is that it’s made from a single piece of carbon fiber.

Lamba used a 20-metre-long carbon fiber sheet, twisted it, turned it and came up with this beauty.

RV1 Carbon Chair

The RV1 Carbon Chair is also quite adaptable, and features large indents on its top and bottom. This means that once you flip it, it will offer an alternate seating position. The chair was inspired by wind tunnels, where Lamba observed a jet being tested and according to the designer, the RV1 Carbon Chair is the “”world’s first one-piece multi-position chair”.

We’re not sure about that, we’ll jut have to research that statement. We do know, however, that this is one stylish piece to have around the house, or office.

RV1 Carbon Chair


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