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Snake Charmer: Scott Campbell’s Master & Dynamic Headphones

Scott Campbell Master & Dynamic

Fans of David Coverdale, his cool voice, and the famous Whitesnake band might recall he was quite the snake charmer. Sure, it may sound like a joke, but that nickname was perfect for him and we also think it fits the description of this collection as well.

The New-York based American artist Scott Campbell has recently teamed up with Master & Dynamic for a limited collection of headphones, consisting of four different pieces imagined by the famous tattoo artist. We get to enjoy a redesigned MW60 wireless over-ear ($549) alongside an MH40 over-ear ($399) counterpart, both of them coming in light and dark versions.

The artist’s signature minimal, triangle, line, triangle, line, snake design can be easily noticed on these cool headphones, and aside from the tattoo-inspired linework, the inner ear pads also hide an interesting surprise, a mantra saying “the smartest things I ever did were stupid things for love”.

Scott Campbell Master & Dynamic

The guys from Master & Dynamic have made the collection available in two color patterns, blending black metal with black leather for the first version and black metal with white leather for the second. Reminiscent of tattoos, these stunning headphones could easily help you make a bold statement wherever you might got, although they’re not exactly for anyone.

Any rock’n’roll music fan will most likely fall in love with these headphones, but I don’t see them going off the shelves on Valentine’s Day. Do you want a pair?

Master & Dynamic x Scott Campbell Studio

Scott Campbell Master & Dynamic


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