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Sleep and Tech at the Same Time? Meet HiBed, a High-Tech Relaxation Station

By Thom Esveld


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Simple, basic sleep seems to be a thing of the past nowadays, as tech gadgets have invaded our bedrooms and don’t seem to go away any time soon. If that’s the case for you too, the brilliant Italian designers at Hi-Interiors have thought to integrate the two in the best way possible. Meet the intelligent bed. It’s called HiBed and it’s already at its 2nd generation.

Brought to life by Fabio Vinella, the HiBed is a smart bed, actually a high tech relaxation station, filled with all the distractions we fall prey to every day and some devices we didn’t even know we wanted in our beds. Until now.

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As smart devices are everywhere now, why not in the furniture? With this smart-furniture movement gaining traction all over the world, the HiBed doesn’t seem that futuristic anymore. But this high-tech bed can show you interesting things about your health, your rest cycles and what are your habits during – you know – sleep.

It logs all this in an app on your phone and can even deliver details on air quality, temperature, noise levels, helping you optimize your sleep schedule. Those are the things you didn’t know you need in bed. Now on to the fun part, the ones you’re actually craving for.

The HiBed has WiFi, an HD projector and invisible speakers, so you can be even more lazy than when you’re taking your laptop in bed to watch a movie. Everything you need to spend your entire day in bed, right?

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