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Roberto Cavalli Acqua 2013 Edition

By Brian Pho


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The renowned Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli is once again looking forward to enticing us with the scents he creates. He has now brought into business the brand new Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum edition turquoise – the Acqua.

The Acqua comes in the same bottle as last year’s edition, garnished with turquoise blue glass and exquisite outer packaging. It draws inspiration from the exciting nights throughout the Mediterranean thanks to Louise Turner’s contribution and adds more freshness compared to last year’s edition. The Perfume Roberto Cavalli Acqua is quite stunning, alongside the gorgeous-looking turquoise bottle with golden stopper.

The neck of the bottle escapes the theme of this perfume by being decked with an animal print. As for the liquid, it is sensual, glamorous and fresh, combining notes of lemon, rose, lily-of-the-valley, musk and jasmine. The brand ambassador, actress Elisa Sednaoui, presents the scent through a rather interesting scene, casting a seductive look over her shoulder while wearing a backless animal print dress.

Available in bottles of three different capacities, 30, 50 and 75 ml, the Roberto Cavalli Acqua will reportedly come with a price tag starting at $54.


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