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Royal Black Caviar Timepiece and accessories by York

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If you’re looking for the ultimate in terms of culinary experiences, you’re bound to get in touch with one of the most delicate and rare appetizers in the world – caviar. And as it is considered a thing of exquisiteness, it is perfect for being celebrated with precious things. The horological field for example is a cool way to do it, as Hublot has already proven. Now though, it’s time for the specialists at York to show off their skills.

This is how the Royal Black Caviar has made into the light of the sun, due to be officially presented on the occasion of the Baselworld 2013 on the 25th of April. It boasts an 18-carat gold case and a total of 53 black diamonds weighing 3.2 carats, place all along the outer ring of the dial. In addition to this exquisite timepiece, we’re looking at a 925 Sterling silver Caviar ensemble consisting of a server and set of spoons with marquetry.

The 18-carat white gold watch will reportedly sport a 44 mm dial and the 53 diamonds. The main dial is crafted of sterling silver as well, garnished with a gorgeous black enameling with white numerals for some delicate contrast. The strapping is quite a stunning feature as well, having been crafted from stingray leather from the Indo-Pacific region. Thanks to this sort of leather, the strap looks like it was made from caviar eggs. The beating heart inside this exquisite piece is a mechanically-wound movement SW07, engraved by hand and styled with 17 jewels.

As for the other pieces from the package, they were crafted under the careful supervision of Robbe & Berking, who have been working with bespoke silver work for yachts for some time now. The set includes a retro-styled server with sturgeon handle crafted in a rather beautiful, artistic manner, with 2 spoons crafted from 24-carat white gold.

The Royal Black Caviar timepiece plus the set will be available in a total of 99 units, each of them wearing a price tag of $59,500. Furthermore, as tributes to great-grand mother, Grand Duchess Wera Konstantinowa Romanowa of Russia, each of these will be handed personally to the owner by His Highness York Prince of Shaumburg-Lippe.


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