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The RM56-02 by Richard Mille is a Horological Masterpiece

By Brody Patterson


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The RM56-02 is the third installment of Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille’s excellent RM 56 sapphire series.

The timepiece is an absolute joy to behold thanks to its two distinguishing features: it has a case made entirely out of sapphire (something which takes about 40 days non-stop to create) and it also has a cable-suspended movement, which appears to be floating inside the case. These two combine to great effect, providing the piece with sort of an ethereal vibe.

The cable suspension system in particular is a technical marvel. The single braided cable itself is just 0.35 mm thick and is woven within a system of 4 pulleys on posts at the movement’s corners and another 6 pulleys placed along the movement’s periphery. The watch’s baseplate, made from grade 5 titanium, is completely suspended within the sapphire case, with the tension in the cable controlled by a miniature ratchet at 9 o’clock. This entire cable unit is attached to an indicator located below 12 o’clock which can be easily inspected, ensuring it is at all times operating within the required parameters.

Richard Mille will release just 10 of these horological masterpieces, each priced at a staggering $2,020,000.


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