Café Society, Chanel’s Homage to the Roaring Twenties

Café Society, Chanel’s new haute joaillerie collection, is an exquisite line celebrating the audacity and freedom of the roaring 1920s. Inspired by the abstract, geometric lines of the Art Deco style, the collection represents a shift from the usual Chanel themes and codes (things like the lion, the camellia, or the feather), somewhat similar to the way Coco Chanel herself broke the rules, liberating women from the corset and living a bohemian life in Paris.

The collection comprises 87 stunning pieces of jewelry grouped together in sets around various themes such as “Broadway” (elegant squares, rectangles, and diamond shapes in onyx), “Charleston” (an alternating series of square medallions and fringes of diamonds), “Bubbles” (onyx squares spread across circular compositions of brilliant-cut diamonds), or “Symphony” (five rows of diamonds inspired by sheet music).

The highlight of the collection is probably “Morning in Vendôme”, a necklace with an emerald-cut 12-carat yellow diamond surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds (weighing 31.6 carats) and brilliant-cut yellow diamonds (weighing 4.4 carats) in a composition reminiscent of the geometric shape of the famed Place Vendome highlighted by carved onyx.

The Café Society haute joaillerie collection by Chanel will be showcased during the Paris Biennale this September.