Relax in this Amazing Boeing 737 Cowling Chair

Boeing 737 Cowling Chair

Join in on the buzz, as everyone on social media seems to be extremely excited by the super cool Boeing 737 Cowling Chair. Some people probably already had the chance to see what it’s like to sit back and relax inside a Bowing 737 engine cowling, and I’m thinking about the maintenance crew, of course. But beyond that, this was nothing but a crazy fantasy, at least until now.

Thanks to Fallen Furniture, a company from England which specializes in creating bespoke furniture pieces from reclaimed aircraft parts,  a luxurious leather 737 Cowling chair has seen the day-light. This unique project used authentic parts of aircrafts, in an effort to offer people one of the most incredible pieces of furniture ever.

In its original form, the chair sits atop a highly polished aluminum base Stood, allowing you to spin effortlessly around its axis.

Boeing 737 Cowling Chair

If you ask us, this awesome Boeing 737 Cowling Chair seems to have been custom-ordered by a Bond villain, and that does not discourage us at all; on the contrary. Who knew the pinnacle of luxury seating would come in the form of a huge turbine cowling?

Each of these amazing cowling chairs will come adorned in high gloss, looking even more eye catching than one would expect, while the plush interior shows off comfortable premium quality black leather. It might be interesting to know that each chair can be made to order and customized according to personal preferences, as you’d expect any from First Class offerings.

Boeing 737 Cowling Chair