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Rancho Pescadero is one of the world’s most romantic hotels

By Adrian Prisca


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A stunning romantic getaway, on a three kilometer long stretch of beach – is there anything better than spending a few nights here? An hour’s drive north of Cabo San Lucas in Baja, Mexico, and around 6 miles south of Todos Santos, the gorgeous Rancho Pescadero makes life a dream come true, through exquisite services and state of the art accommodation.

Opened in November 2009, it offers “one of the best vacations” tourists have ever experienced. The two main purposes of this resort are two reconnect and to disconnect its guests in an atmosphere full of happiness and joy. Wondering what else to do besides lounging – yoga, mountain-hiking along the Sierras, surf, enjoy a fresh cocktail…suffice to say, there’s everything you could possibly need.

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In total, the resort comprises 27 suites, most of them sharing breathtaking views to the Pacific. The design of the suites is extremely luxurious, combining natural elements with contemporary figures – deep tranquility. There are beds all over the hotel – by the pool, on the beach, on private rooftop decks, in the pool, on patios, simply everywhere.

The gourmet restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy dishes from all over the planet, although their main targets are traditional concoctions. The ingredients used for preparing the last-mentioned come from things grown or caught within a 20-mile area.

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In addition to the garden, there’s also an outdoor kitchen aimed for private events, while guests can practice and enjoy yoga inside an ocean-facing 2,000 square foot pavilion. Above all, if you’ve come here for treatment, seek it within the Tres Hermanas Spa. You can benefit of relaxing procedures that include traditional Mayan sauna and home-grown herbs.

The owner of Rancho Pescadero, Lisa Harper, says the resort is “really whatever you want to make it”, adding that “we’re the right size to be able to address guests’ vacations individually. If they want dinner on the beach, no problem; fishing with a local fisherman – we can do that. If they want to stay in their room and do whatever, we’ll manage to leave them alone.”

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The suites are large, aerated, made of modern concrete shapes and decked with romantic draped beds, traditional Oaxacan pottery and hand-woven rugs. Inside the bathrooms, guests can enjoy sunken tubs or mosaic showers, plus concrete sinks. Furthermore, every structure on the property is decked with pulido, a local combination of cement and clay soil for exterior-wall plastering.

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Every room shares views towards the ocean, flanked by palm trees and sand dunes. All sorts of tail flukes, spouts and flippers can be seen in the open water during the whale season, from November to March. The already provided binoculars are there to aid your sight.

Furthermore, the guests have at their disposal hot tubs and two swimming pools, plus the options of selecting from the whole range of aqua-fun gear provided – fishing gear, boogie boards, surfboards, bicycles etc.

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