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Pure Bliss mansion in Palm Springs, listed for sale

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Extending our venture into real estate business we’re featuring with this magnificent residence in Palm Springs – Southridge. It has been recently listed for sale at a dazzling $9,555,000 and is known as Pure Bliss.

The area is in fact a preferred residential location for many celebrities, like Stefanie Powers, Ali McGraw, William Holden, Steve McQueen’s estate – the Arthur Elrod House, as well as Bob Hope’s home shaped like a flying saucer. The enclave comprises a total of 23 exquisitely luxurious properties, having already served as host to many events with fabled stars, US Presidents, wealthy folk and a plethora of celebrities.

Located at 2399 Southridge Drive, Palm Springs, the residence covers 7,500 square feet and was completed back in 1983. It has also undergone extensive renovation during 2005. In addition, Pure Bliss provides breathtaking panoramas of the local surroundings, thanks to its location high up on a hill. It comprises 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

Manufactured from more than 700 tons of intricately cut Idaho Quartz Stone, the true worth of this fine residence is said to be around $20 million. No wonder the residence has taken around 7 years to build.

The 2.25 acre property is a one off in the world of real estate, also boasting a heated private pool, spa, large garage and an additional, small residence in the shape of a guest house.

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