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The 2013 Chaumet Montres Précieuses watch collection

By Adrian Prisca


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Chaumet’s latest creation is like something we have never seen before – a collection of jewelry watches that boggles the mind right at the first glance. Who would’ve thought we were going to feature wristwatches with bugs on their dials? Who? Nevertheless, the fauna- and flora-embellished collection was dubbed the “Attrape-moi…si tu m’aimes” Montres Précieuse, which stands for “Catch me…if you love me”.

This eclectic series of watches was nicely decked with all sorts of quirky representations of all sorts of beings, from spiders to all sorts of bugs. The central benchmark of the collection  is the theme of a spider weaving a web which it catches a small bee with. This particular piece is the most blingy of the lot, being encrusted with 64 brilliant-cut diamonds and 12 exquisitely polished pink gold indexes. The spider serves as an hour indicator, while the bee shows the minutes.

The collection also boasts a rhodium-plated timepiece embellished with 152 brilliant-cut diamonds and a gorgeous rose-cut diamond. The dial features all sorts of cute little dragonflies. An additional rhodium-plated piece in white gold sports 58 brilliant-cut diamonds as well as the stereotypical rose-cut diamond, boasting a dial garnished with all sorts of sparkles and pink flowers.

The Attrape-moi…si tu m’aimes collection also includes a timepiece fully manufactured from white gold, with 58 brilliant-cut diamonds and a rose-cut one, tied to a midnight blue strap and displaying a motif of the night sky in moonish light. Of course, if there are no butterflies, then there’s no womanhood – the lovers of Lepidoptera will most certainly be delighted with this piece – it comprises a rose-cut diamond, 58 brilliant-cut ones and all sorts of silver and blue butterflies.

There are also a touches of black on this exquisite series, just like the rhodium-plated white gold wristwatch with 152 brilliant-cut diamonds and a rose-cut diamond, with a dial that sports a series of nicely arranged butterfly wings, providing a gorgeous visual experience. It comes with black strapping.

Yet an additional butterfly piece with black strapping is this one, which closes the collection. It comes with 152 brilliant-cut diamonds, the rose-cut diamond that’s seen in almost all of the aforementioned watches, and a splash of pop colors.


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