Professional Microbrewery from Brewmeister at $45,000

A lot easier than brewing whiskey or wine, which we would prefer to beer, brewing beer has just turned into a home activity. Brewmeister have come up with an ingenious installation consisting of a miniature beer brewing line to keep rich boozers busy.

Apart from looking like a miniature factory, the contraption features gauges, a load of temperature detectors and electric level sensors that help enthusiasts monitor the status of the brewing process. Everything the user need to do is introduce a recipe into the integrated touchscreen computer and voila! – The installation does everything else.

The brewery is crafted from industrial-grade 304 stainless steel and sports a 15 gallon hot liquor tank that has its own Heat Exchange Recycling Mash (HERM), 8 reusable 5-liter mini kegs, six 19-oz. dimpled beer steins, mash tun mixing paddle, 2 2-liter growlers and a 15-lb. grain mill.

Curious about how this thing works? Let’s find out: first, the contraption starts by circulating hot water to the liquor tank to reach the ideal brewing temperature. Then, the water circulates to the 15-gallon mash which actively extracts sugar from the ground grain or mash, depending what the user chooses.

Following the completion of the extraction process, the resulted liquid is then pumped towards a 20-gallon boil kettle where the final wort is converted from the mash. Just before the whole mixture is being cooled, a sensor reminds the brewer to pitch hops, in connection to the introduced recipe.

Following the hops, the now cooled wort gets transferred by a pump from the boil kettle to a free-standing 14-gallon stainless steel fermentation tank. In the end, the yeast is added at the right time, thus a state of the art stout is created.

We said earlier something about rich boozers – and yeah, we said it on purpose, because this contraption costs no less than $45,000. It’s a weird but interesting way to spend a little fortune, if you’re enthusiastic about beer. You can also grab a few recipes from the Extreme Brewing resource, in case you want to keep up to the latest tastes.