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Prepare To Be Melted By The Wonderful Christian Dior Dune Bag

By Victor Baker


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Christian Dior Dune Bag

Christian Dior’s Fall 2015 runway show introduced a new uber chic flap bag in the hands of a few models. This was the new gorgeous Christian Dior Dune Bag, and now the brand’s fall 2015 collection has been finally unleashed in stores, we can now tease you with a short presentation of this beautiful handbag.

The Dune bag will be available in just two sizes: standard and small, and in several dreamy versions, all with exquisite leathers, but we’re sure more options will follow.

Christian Dior Dune Bag

There’s a python Dune bag, a two tone python version and even an Alligator Dune bag, all looking absolutely amazing. Rumor has it that the leather won’t be only in solid colors, and the bags will come with a price-tag revolving around the $3,500 USD marker.

There is no more info at this point, so we’ll just let these photos do the rest of the talking for us. I’m sure this golden version of the Christian Dior Dune bag will make you fall in love in just a matter of seconds.

Christian Dior Dune Bag

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