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The Chronos Model Range Watch Safe Won’t Keep Time From Flying Away

By Victor Baker


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Chronos Model Range Watch Safe

We all wish time would stand still, but that’s not gonna happen any time soon. However, there are many ways of keeping time, and keeping it safe, like the incredible Chronos Model Range Watch Safe. Designed by Brown Safe Manufacturing with brilliant craftsmanship and amazing attention to details, this safe is perfect for watch collectors.

With over 35 years of expertise in producing safes and vaults for governments, military and private sector clientele, the guys from Brown Safe have designed a safe that’s beautiful, impenetrable and also extremely high tech, featuring the latest technology in safety and security.

Chronos Model Range Watch Safe

The Chronos Model Range Watch Safe features laid carbon fiber mesh complemented by a crystal clear resin that will surprise your fingertips with its smoothness.

The biometric lock holds your belongings within the safe no matter what, where your precious watches and other fashion accessories hide behind a diamond quilt stitching door panel, with a stylish red thread.

The Range Watch safe will be available in two different sizes: The Chronos 4218 and the Chronos 6218, each of them withstanding fire and burglary.

Chronos Model Range Watch Safe

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