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$4.9 Million Estate With a 25+ Cars Underground Showroom

By Victor Baker


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Being eccentric and enjoying extreme opulence is not something to be ashamed of, on the contrary; it might be considered inspirational, as it makes other people fight for getting to the same place you are today. For instance, the idea of a house with an incredible underground garage gets me all crazy.

This property in Sutton Coldfield, UK, will set you back a cool £3,250,000, which is around $4.9 million. Petrolheads will be excited to know that once the electric doors of the double garage open, a unique scissor car lift will take them down to where the actual party happens.

A polished floated finish floor will allow 25 cars to retain their stylish looks and original paint finish, while a suspended ceiling, seven columns and automated lighting complete this awesome underground showroom.

Aside from the garage, which will be probably most enjoyed by car enthusiasts, this home also has a stunning Reception Hall which features a three-quarters balcony of Oak staircase, balustrade and handrails. Here you can find three intriguing lounges, a banquet dining room, a full-size snooker room and two cloakrooms as well.

Also worth mentioning is the opulent kitchen and coffee reception area, but what really stands out is the distinctive Oak hardwood staircase and its 30 light Crystal chandelier. The 25+ car collection is not included, just in case you were wondering.

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