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Pininfarina & De Rosa Design The Matamorphosis Sport Utility Bike

By Victor Baker


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De Rosa, the famed Milan-based road bicycle maker, and Pininfarina, a company that’s synonymous with iconic cars and innovative design projects, have recently joined forces to create the world’s first sport utility bike, a beautiful thing called Matamorphosis.

Described as the ideal solution for the urban environment, this bike aims to keep in line with the modern gentleman, who’s also looking to have some fun off-road.

Featuring an ultra light body crafted with dynamic shapes, Matamorphosis displays a mono-coque inner mold carbon frame, complemented by an impressive Shimano Alfine 8 Speed bicycle drivetrain system. It also comes with 40 mm high profile aluminum wheels, which promise comfort and control, without neglecting versatility.


Metamorphosis will start off at € 3,200 ($3,700), a small price to pay for the best materials and construction by De Rosa and the incredible attention to detail for which Pininfarina is well known. The world’s first sport utility bike is able to transform itself from urban to gravel bike by simply selecting two different mounting options.

The Comfort saddle and handlebar ensure an enjoyable ride during urban travel, while their sporty replacements promise to deliver the same on gravel. Speaking of a unique riding experience, the toothed belt transmission will help the rider make the most of any ride. Feel free to put this bike to good use. Enjoy!


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