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Part Water Scooter, Part Yacht, the Vanqraft VQ16 is Simply Amazing!

By Adrian Prisca


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If you’ve always wanted to find a yacht that was a little bit more compact and more maneuvrable than your usual boat, someone finally created the water scooter – yacht combo we’ve all wanted. The Netherlands-based Vanquish Yachts has recently unveiled the Vanqraft VQ16, a stunning 16-foot watercraft that allows up to six people to enjoy high speed thrills in comfort and style.

Combining the luxury and comfort of a superyacht tender with the mobility of a water scooter, the VQ16 was designed together with Guido de Groot Design and Studio Delta and it aims to become the ideal companion for other superyachts. Vanqraft imagined this crossover with “serious fun” in mind, but it can travel long distances easily.

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The spacious, five-metre-long watercraft is powered by a 1.8-liter Yamaha engine with jet propulsion that can deliver 200 hp and it’s good enough to take this beauty to an impressive top speed of 40 knots. But that’s not all. Adrenaline junkies could also go for a supercharged Veloce version of the VQ16 that pushes the top speed even more, to 50 knots.

Design-wise, the VQ16 looks like the younger sibling of Vanquish’s full-sized yachts. It’s a foot longer than its precedessor and it’s made out of fiberglass, with the jet drive built flat into the hull to make it fit easily into any tender garage. The craft now features two dedicated seats up front for passengers, with padded benches in the back, while the helm seat has scooter-like handlebars for easy maneuvrability.

Pricing information is only available by request, but some rumors claim the Vanqraft VQ16 will be priced at $89,000, with the Veloce version starting from $106,000.

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