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Nissan revealed the new Nissan GT-R Track Pack

By Adrian Prisca


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With the powerful Nissan GT-R, Japanese automaker Nissan has entered the supercars world. Being one of the fastest cars in the world, reaching 62mph from naught in 2.7 seconds, it has now been completed with the GT-R Track Pack. The monster doesn’t need any more horse-power, so that the pack is not adding any – it features tweaks and gadgets that make the ride smoother.

It insures your Nissan faster times around the track, keeping it under the law-hammer. It includes brake-disk-cooling on both axles, through additional channels behind the rear wheels and new cooling ducts in the front bumper. It’s been declared by Nissan that these additions lower the disk temperature during heavy usage by up to 100 degrees.

For better stability, handling and higher cornering speeds, they have also included a new setup for the dampers and spring rates. The interior of the car received lighter rear seats, new Recaro bucket seats along with a unique badge.

All these have been created to fit the 2012 Nissan GT-R. The packages will be launched during March 2012 and cost £10,000 in addition to the £74,450 required for the car.


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