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The New Baobab Jewelry Collection by Brumari

By Brody Patterson


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Building on over half a century’s tradition of jewelry making, brothers Eduardo, Emerson and Rodrigo Brüner created the Brumari brand in 2005. Descending from Italian and German immigrants, the brothers were basically born and raised in the jewelry workshop founded by their father – and it’s this kind of passion that they’ve brought to the creation of the Baobab collection.

Named after the African tree which is a common sight in the savannah, the pieces of jewelry which make up the line play with the colors, shapes, and fluid, glittering reflections which arising from the waters around the baobab. The collection features mostly pink, yellow, and light blue stones, which are certain to lighten up the mood of anyone who wears them.

The series includes gold pendants with sizeable cabochon-cut stones in pastel tones of aquamarine, rose and lemon quartz, surrounded by pink tourmalines and brown diamonds, as well as stackable rings, inspired by the highly recognizable thick, almost cylindrical trunk of the baobab.

Among the celebrities known to think highly of Brumani jewelry are Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Katy Perry, and Emily Blunt.


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