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Nature Triomphante High Jewelry by Boucheron Turns Flower Petals into Real Jewels

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Nature Triomphante High Jewelry by Boucheron

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but no matter who that is, we must realize nothing lasts forever. French jeweler Boucheron begs to differ with the new Nature Triomphante High Jewelry, a breathtaking collection that aims to give nature eternal life. How is this possible?

Well, as you’ve probably read from the title of this article, real flower petals were beautifully transformed into precious jewels by Boucheron artisans, in collaboration with an artist-petalist, and using a secret and innovative technique to get these Fleurs Éternelles.

Following a thorough scan, each petal is stabilized without pigments or chemicals to preserve their original beauty. The French maison has never ceased to go over the boundaries to craft unique pieces, and this incredible homage to the beauty of nature seems to properly reveal the innovative and free spirit of evolution.

Nature Triomphante High Jewelry by Boucheron

One of the most amazing pieces from this new collection is the stunning Fleur Éternelle, a precious ring that shows off natural petals delicately paired with jonquil diamonds; we all know diamonds are forever, right? Available in nine variations, the ring was set with a 3.35-carat spessartite garnet, while the natural petals were stabilized and mounted on a scanned titanium base.

Other pieces worth mentioning are the Fleur de Nuit tanzanite necklace and its diamond-encrusted petals, the Lierre Givré necklace, which looks like a detailed reproduction of a natural ivy branch or the extraordinary Nuage de Fleurs masterpiece necklace, that’s set with an exceptional 42.96-carat pink cushion tourmaline. Which one would you go for?

Nature Triomphante High Jewelry by Boucheron

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