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Morgan Motors Goes Electric with the sleek EV3 Three Wheeler

By Victor Baker


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The Morgan Motor Company needs no introduction. Founded back in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanely Morgan, this Worcestershire-based company became famous for their stunning ‘v-twin’ single seat three wheeler vehicle, which was their first design and later fabricated in 1911.

That’s old news, but the good thing is that they’ve announced a prototype electric model called ‘EV3’ that could possibly spawn the next generation of their classic three wheeler.


The EV3 is based on the standard Morgan ‘3 wheeler’, and it looks incredible – aside of being totally green. A single rear electric motor provides 75 kilo watts, and considering that the vehicle weighs in at just 450 kilograms. the range is expected to be approximately around 150 miles (241 km).

The company is currently undertaking full testing and a development program, with the finished Morgan ‘EV3’ expected to go into production towards the end of 2016.


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