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Montegrappa’s Merry Skull Pens Arrive Just in time for Halloween

By Victor Baker


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Montegrappa Merry Skull

Since Halloween is rapidly creeping up on us and our imagination is running wild, I guess Montegrappa needed no excuse to join in on the celebration and support this spooky holiday with the introduction of its new Merry Skull writing instrument collection.

This is not the first time the Italian brand has integrated skulls in its unique pen designs, with the Chaos collection and the Fortuna Skull range being also decorated with a few skull motifs.

But this time the Merry Skull pens are not just decorated with menacing skulls, but instead their metal barrel will be etched with a special pattern, made up of goofily grinning skulls of varying sizes and orientations. Creepy or just odd? I am not going to say ‘merry’.

Montegrappa Merry Skull

The skull-and-crossbones theme extends to the pen’s cap as well, where a delicate mosaic aims to distract our attention from the fact that our souls might be in danger; feel free to write about this with one of these pens – it just seems appropriate. Speaking of which, the pens will be equipped with Montegrappa’s signature rolling-tipped clip, and the number 1912, the year when the Italian company has been founded.

The fountain pen version will also get a custom steel nib, decorated with Montegrappa’s filigree design and the brand’s octagonal logo, but you could also go for a rollerball or a ballpoint. The pens of the Merry Skull collection are available in either satin silver or copper and will cost between $325 and $425, depending on the version you prefer. Who said typing is cooler?

Montegrappa Merry Skull

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