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Montegrappa’s Chiron Writing Instruments Will Make Your Day

By Victor Baker


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Montegrappa Chiron

Italian luxury goods company Montegrappa has decided to impress us all with some new gorgeous writing instruments, this time inspired from the breathtaking world of supercars. Called the Montegrappa Chiron, the brand’s newest collection of exquisite writing instruments was obviously imagined after Bugatti’s new €2.5 million Chiron supercar, setting the bar really high in terms of craftsmanship and outrageous designs.

Featuring carbon fiber barrels, plus an anodized aluminum cap and barrel ends – all decorated with a dynamic quilting engraving that’s reminiscent of Bugatti’s upholstery – these writing instruments are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. I’m sure most students would say “write my essay for me if you are a professional writer” but with this bespoke pen writing is a real treat.

Montegrappa Chiron

The Chiron luxury pens function in a way of their own, benefiting from a new method for opening it to expose the nib. Boasting an 18k gold nib bearing the oval badge of Bugatti, the wonderful fountain pen before you can be experienced in three writing grades of fine, medium and broad style.

Even the pen’s signature clip has been specifically designed to resemble the supercar’s console and the best thing is that it can also be used as a tie-clip. A quick reminder for those of you don’t know yet why Bugatti’s newest supercar is called Chiron – it’s named after racing legend Louis Chiron, a racing driver who won virtually all the major GP’s for the brand during in the 1920s and 1930s.

Montegrappa Chiron


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