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Molnar Fabry’s Time Machine Regulator 911 is a Real Treat

Molnar Fabry Time Machine Regulator 911

In an instant, the iconic Porsche 911 comes to mind, and we get excited thinking about automotive innovation, passion, and speed. But we’re actually dealing with a stunning watch right now, with automotive-inspired looks, specifically the one-off Molnar Fabry Time Machine Regulator 911.

The Slovakian watchmaking duo has revealed this custom watch just a few days ago, a special piece commissioned by the owner of the classic Porsche. Powered by an existing movement, the Unitas 6498, this watch was heavily modified, with fine metalworking and exquisite finishes.

Molnar Fabry Time Machine Regulator 911

The movement has been skeletonized by hand, while the detailed open-working adds to a stunning visual effect; even the barrel, the keyless works, and gears have been skeletonized as well, and that’s not something you see too often. Telling time on the Time Machine Regulator 911 is a wonderful and odd process, with the time display having been converted into a regulator-style display.

Most of the components are either rhodium- or ruthenium-plated – with the only component still recognizable being the regulator index. Made in-house, the 44 mm titanium case is set to draw quite a lot of attention, although this piece can be enjoyed only by its lucky owner. He paid €14,900 for this one-off beauty, but Molnar Fabry can probably make your dreams come true too.

Molnar Fabry Time Machine Regulator 911



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