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The Bentley Collection Celebrates Christmas Early

By Victor Baker


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Bentley Collection

Yes, it may be too early to celebrate Christmas, but the all new Bentley Collection will make you very excited, with one-of-a-kind gifts that will surely help you make a good impression in just a few weeks.

Showing off Bentley’s signature design, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, this collection was designed to allow women, men, and children around the world to enjoy a handpicked selection of elegant clothing items and luxurious accessories for car lovers.

Let’s start with the elegant briefcase, inspired by the shape of the distinctive Bentley wings, or the Diamond Pattern Gloves adorned with the quilted pattern.

The brand’s craftsmanship has also made its way onto Bentley’s new handbag range, with the Mary P Tote Bag being the right gift for any woman, while the Knitted Hat and Scarf will make sure you have something for everyone.

Bentley Collection

The excellent sound from Bentley cars can go right into your home this Christmas with the Naim for Bentley Mu-so QB system, combining Bentley’s technology with luxurious materials, in a compact and very appealing form. Next, the Leather Bottle Holder and Tray are also worth a mention, remining us of British elegance, complemented by the diamond quilting and emblem found in the Continental GT.

The children have not been forgot either, as the Bentley collection also comprises stylish apparel inspired by the spirit of Le Mans. The Continental GT3 Remote Control Car and the Wooden Garage will be an exciting surprise for young ones, don’t you think?

Bentley Collection

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