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Modes Collaborations Take Men’s Fashion To The Next Level

By Georgiana Grama


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There are so many differences between men and women, especially when it comes to fashion. Men didn’t use to pay attention to fashion news and.. have always been considered fashion rebels. But nowadays, fashion is no longer a woman’s world.

The modern man has learned all about fashion, trends and looks and loves to stand out, wants to feel comfortable and always tries to be on the cutting edge of things. They embrace colors, fabrics and look at countless brands to create their own fashion identity today. But it’s still hard to find a one-stop destination for all their fashion needs.

That’s where Modes by Aldo Carpinteri comes in, a famous luxury fashion retailer form Italy. A hub of culture and influences, Modes offers a variety of bespoke clothes and accessories from high-end fashion brands and emerging names on the market. It’s the place where you can walk in and find your perfect outfit, combining the best pieces from your favorite designers.

Modes has evolved into a multinational brand over the years, with stores all over Italy and beyond. The company recently teamed up with Farfetch to take their products online through an impressive online store.

Stefania Mode rebrands as Modes


Founded back in 1971 in Trapani, a picturesque city on the western coast of Sicily, Stefania Mode was a small fashion boutique that became pretty well known for its collections and items from high-end brands. Mrs. Stefania, Aldo Carpinteri’s mom, took care of this local boutique for decades, but it Aldo Carpinteri’s vision to turn it into a global fashion retailer. And that called for a name change.

That’s how Stefania Mode has been rebranded as Modes SpA, as part of their strategy to expand both offline and online. The name quickly went viral and Modes broke the norms of being just a high-end fashion boutique from Sicily. The company has grown into an omni-channel retail platform, with different stores in Italy and even outside the country’s borders.

Working with established fashion brands and avant-garde design, Modes offers a visionary style and directional fashion. The luxury retailer has stores now in Trapani, Milan, Favignana, Santa Margherita di Pula and also in Sardinia, with 2 stores in Cagliari and one in Porto Cervo, and a shop in Forte dei Marmi.

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Outside Italy’s boundaries there is a shop in Saint Moritz in Switzerland and Modes also plans to open a store in a European capital very soon. Offering cutting edge pieces from more than 300 designers and many emerging talents every season, Modes aims to be a one-of-a-kind shopping destination. The retailer’s unique approach to shopping and fashion comes to life through innovative spaces.

The flagship store in Trapani combines minimalistic interiors with a majestic historic building, the store in Favignana is hosted within a former monastery, while the newly opened Sankt Moritz store offers the best of everything, with hand picked items from the likes of Balenciaga, Burberry, Fendi, Chloe or Salvatore Ferragamo, alongside bespoke pieces from some of the most sought after brands of the moment, like..

Youths in Balaclava

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The Singapore-based streetwear label Youths in Balaclava (YIB) has been slowly taking over Instagram and the entire fashion world. This label was established a few years ago by a team of 13 high school students that made a unique collection from sewing different parts of clothes together to come up with a few super fresh outfits.

At first glance, their ideas seemed crazy for the Singapore society, but they’ve managed to give a new meaning to the word ‘fashion’ in the community, with pieces that appeal to a rebellious youth audience. The Youths in Balaclava for men collection includes a range of stunning items such as cool face masks, embellished T-shirts, deconstructed trousers and many other accessories.

Modes has quickly embraced their creativity and you can now find the newest YIB collection in the retailer’s Milano store and various other shops. Youths in Balaclava fits Modes’ list of avant garde brands for their love of art, fashion, photography, video and music.

What is there for this season?

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YIB influences a lot of young men to achieve their dreams and dress differently without minding the society. And this brand goes beyond season collections; they don’t mind the calendar and try to look exactly at what customers need. The concept behind this season’s YIB collection revolves around a sense of belonging. According to the Singapore society, some of the attires don’t fit in, this why the new men’s collection was specially designed to stop discrimination.

Modes does its best to market and sell the collection through the company’s online platforms and its physical stores as well. That’s how YIB is gaining a lot of popularity worldwide, especially from the young generation of men. The new collection is made of T-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers/pants, jackets and face masks. All these items are beautifully decorated with massive street graphics that will surely turn a lot of heads on the streets.

Modes Collaborations

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As we’ve said earlier, there are more than 300 renowned brands and thousands of up and coming fashion designers working with Modes right now. YIB is just an example from that growing list of collaborations. The company’s founder, Aldo Carpinteri, not only has a great taste in fashion, but his business vision also helped create a unique omni-channel experience, where shopping does not stop within the marks: online or offline.

These two dimensions are perfectly joined together by Modes. You can find your favorite items online and make appointments at the shops to try them out. And that’s just a small part of the entire Modes shopping experience. The company follows Aldo Carpinteri’s vision of opening brands and working beyond the Italian realm, that’s why they will continue to promote new labels, alongside reputable names.

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