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6 Mid-Century Modern Living Room Design Tips For A Stylish Home

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The mid-century modern design captures the iconic style of the 1950s and ’60s. It is a retro blend of simple practicality, comfort and impeccable artistry. New technologies and the newfound post-war prosperity were the two crucial catalysts which led to the discovery and production of a variety of new materials which made exploring new textures, effects and forms possible.

The astounding work of a few prominent designers during this period serves as an inspiration for the home décor of interior designers to this day. So it’s no wonder that this style’s original characteristics, such as minimalistic and futuristic furniture are still trendy in today’s market when decorating a mid century modern living room.

The living room is usually the place we tend to spend most of our time in, so when doing house renovating, it’s usually the first room to be redecorated. Some homeowners devote plenty of time to designing a full mid-century modern home, but if you want to introduce this look into your living room only, you can do it with a few simple tricks. Find out how to turn your living room into an area full of 50s wonder by following this 6-step guide.

Color palette

Mid-Century Modern Living Room 2

Bold colors

It’s true that nothing says mid-century décor as much as a strong color palette. Tastefully implementing bold colors is highly encouraged if you want to achieve a ‘50s look. Saturated colors are unfiltered versions of themselves, so placing them among an earth-tone backdrop will just accentuate their vividness.

They can create a statement look and are easily combined with earthy or neutral colors. An accent piece, such as a tangerine sofa with lively blue cushions, or a lime green armchair against a brown-and-beige color scheme will give your sitting area the artistic feeling that the mid-century style is famous for.

Other ways to add that pop is through paint on accent walls or maybe a bold and daring table piece like a patterned centerpiece from an ethically sustainable designer home decor label like Ladorada.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room 6

Earthy tones

As the Pop Art culture took over artistic expression during the 1950s, earth colors started paving the way for the bold, bright colors in design schemes. However, mid-century modern design is all about balance and harmony, which means that earthy colors and neutral tones are still the principal colors and will never go out of style.

Different shades of cream, brown and grey can be an ideal backdrop for the gentle lines and expressive forms of your furniture and decorations. Since wood as a material used for furnishing is very often implemented in achieving a mid-century modern design, a living room decorated in earthy tones is something interior designers always recommend.

Avoid oversized furniture

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There is nothing wrong with the best sofas and armchairs, but if your aim is to achieve a mid-century modern look, they might add an impression that your living room is cluttered. Instead, go for smaller options, such as low-profile armchairs and sofas, as they will free up visual space and make the area feel wider and much more inviting. A low-profile sofa and armchairs with clean lines and tapered wooden legs are an ideal way to create a sense of luxurious comfort in your lounge area.

Tapered legs are furniture legs which are angled slightly inward. They are one of the iconic symbols of the ‘50s furniture design and are used to support furniture pieces like sofas and television cabinets, as well as chairs and tables. There is nothing that will make your furniture appear weightless as much as tapered legs.

Experiment with textured fabrics

Mid-Century Modern Living Room 5

As we said before, one of the most significant aspects of the mid-century modern style is color. However, one of the reasons why this style became so popular is the use of different patterns and textures. The fine artistry of the mid-century modern design is very chic and tasteful, but it’s important to mention that it also relies on elements that add a comfortable, homey and grounded effect.

By implementing several textured fabrics, such as broadcloth, tweed, or twill, your living room area can get a touch of coziness and warmth. This will make your space feel both inviting and fashionable at the same time. Add armchairs and throw pillows covered in textured fabrics to soften the sleek lines of your mid-century living room décor.

Just make sure you avoid introducing a lot of different textures and patterns at once, as it can feel a bit excessive and achieve the opposite effect.

Leather furniture

Mid-Century Modern Living Room 3

Using leather as the principal material for your living room upholstery will add a luxurious touch to your living room décor. It comes in a variety of colors, which makes it easy for you to find the tone that is perfect for you and your living room.

Lounge chairs, sofas and even cushions upholstered in leather will add an element of sophistication in your living room and help you achieve an authentic mid-century modern look.

Opt for a bold wallpaper pattern

Mid-Century Modern Living Room 7

An authentic, bold wallpaper is as essential to your mid-century living room style as the previously-mentioned features. Go for a wallpaper with complex motifs, saturated colors and expressive, geometric patterns to complement your living room décor.

If you go with an earthy color scheme, search for a geometric wallpaper in different shades of brown, green or grey. A wallpaper with chrome accents or gold tones will help you achieve a subtle refinement. For a look that really pops and would make your wallpaper the first thing to be noticed by visitors, use a wallpaper with abstract patterns in primary colors.

Bring nature indoors

Mid-Century Modern Living Room 8

In order to decorate a mid-century modern living room, make sure you bring nature inside. Potted plants are one of the key features of this type of design, so when you plan your living room don’t forget to leave room for real plants. Not only will they help this space feel greener and more zestful, but they will also keep the inside air fresh.

In addition to living greens you can keep bright plants that are ripening before your very eyes. Limes, oranges, lemons, or even tomatoes placed in a Ladorada accent bowl can make a subtle and natural statement in a patterned bowl made of a unique material like bone or even lavarock.

When you get to the stage of adding the finishing touches, place a potted plant in the corner of the living room to add a natural aesthetic which would ideally blend in the mid-century décor.

Sleek and timeless, a mid-century modern décor is still having its moment

Mid-Century Modern Living Room 9

You don’t have to be living in an authentic mid-century house to create a space that reminds you of the chic and unique artistry of the ‘50s. The designs and ideals of the top designers at that time have remained throughout the years and found their way in today’s interior design, being as fashionable and lively today as they were in the previous century.

If not executed with care, this style can quickly make a room appear dated, so we hope that these tips will help you bring timeless style into your living room. The key to making a mid-century modern look seem effortless is to emphasize function and give way to simple forms.

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