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Miss Dior Prestige Edition is the Refined Scent You Deserve

By Victor Baker


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Miss Dior Prestige Edition

Dior’s name has always been featured on incredible products, from amazing ready-to-wear pieces and leather goods, to stylish accessories, jewelry and perfumes. The latest example of excellence from the iconic French label is the Miss Dior Prestige Edition, a limited anniversary series of the brand’s renowned perfume, which was introduced exactly 70 years ago.

The acclaimed Miss Dior fragrance is being honored in a limited run of just 47 pieces with this perfume, showing off spectacular embroidery, courtesy of the skillful masters at Dior ateliers. Things become instantly eye catching, as the bow reveals a lily of the valley and mimosa motif, while pink, black and cream shades adorn the double-faced Satin Cuir cream-colored ribbon.

Miss Dior Prestige Edition

These luxuriously finishes take a full day’s time to complete, with more than 6 hours of painstaking work for the bow alone. Hundreds of shiny lacquered beads were used, alongside Poux Jais micro tubes, in order to create this mesmerizing pebble weave.

In contrast, Etincelles Vieux Rose sequins and tiny Porcelaine Rosée sequins have been set alongside Rose Antique lochrose beads as well as Roseline mother of pearl beads. The spectacular and expressive flacon houses the spirited personality of Miss Dior, available exclusively at selected locations for a price we are not aware of. Does that really matter?

Miss Dior Prestige Edition

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