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Michigan’s Granot Loma Lodge Is A Hunter’s Paradise

By Victor Baker


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Granot Loma Lodge

I’m not really a big hunting enthusiast; come to think of it, I see no fun in killing innocent animals for sport. Personal opinions aside, I would love nothing more than to have $20 million in my bank account so I could afford this spectacular property in Marquette, Michigan. Called Granot Loma, this massive lodge is a real-life hunter’s paradise, proudly sitting on 415 acres, with waterfront frontage as a welcomed bonus.

The entire place looks like it was stuck in time, showing off impeccable attention to detail and reminding us about the ways things used to be done. The living room for instance, comes with a taxidermied bear, a wolf, and many deer, that might welcome in style or scare anyone who dares to approach the living room. But we’re pretty sure no one could ever say ‘no’ to 7.8 square miles of wilderness and privacy.

Granot Loma Lodge

Completed back in 1919, and restored in 1987, the wonderful Granot Loma lodge has become a National Historic Landmark ever since. The lodge spreads over 26,000 square feet, with 23 bedrooms, 12 full bathrooms and 26 fireplaces that will make you feel cozy and warm all day long.

The property also comes with one mile of pristine Lake Superior frontage, with the option to purchase an additional mile of lakefront land and even more land nearby if you so desire.

Built on a steel frame, the lodge itself has all its original construction, except for the kitchen and a breakfast nook that were added in the 1980s. But virtually everything in the lodge is vintage or antique, from the Steinway baby grand piano to the 18-foot stone mantle in the great room that was salvaged from a sunken vessel in Lake Superior.

If you’re going to be the next owner of Granot Loma you could also brag with famous guests like Fred Astaire or Muhammad Ali, who stayed here for a while in the past.

Granot Loma Lodge

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