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Mercedez-Benz perfume to be launched in 2012

By Adrian Prisca


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To get even more into the people’s hearts, Mercedes Benz has now announced the future release of a fragrance for men, to cope with all other fashion accessories like wristwatches and sunglasses they have already introduced into the fashion business. It is said that the fragrance will be mixed by the famous Olive Cresp von Firmenich.

The perfume has already had its release at the Tax Free World Association World Exhibition in Cannes and it’s perfectly made to cope with the excellence, luxury and style of the cars produced by the same Mercedes Benz.

Combining Italian mandarin, lemon essence, bourbon pepper, woody musk, galbanum resin, patchouli, american cedar wood, vertiver grass, nutmeg and floral freshness, the fragrance will have a profound, purely masculine impact. It’ll be lunched as deodorant, shower gel, aftershave and eau de toilette starting the first quarter of 2012.


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