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Yacht Island Design’s Project Utopia is here

By Adrian Prisca


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A new design of resort-style yacht has been recently presented by BMT Nigel Gee, a subsidiary of BMT Group, as an avant-garde version of a future concept. Developed with the help of Yacht Island Design, it will put forward a brand new outlook, in a totally different way than any traditional naval architectural moulds yet.

The construction will comprise of 11 decks over a four legged platform, to give its occupants the best smoothness possible, during the roughest sea conditions, packed with comfort and luxury. Being 100 meters long and wide, it isn’t a small project, it could actually encompass a small city. Each and every one of its legs supports azimuthing thrusters, allowing the contraption to move between desired locations, at slow speeds.

The most important part of the design is the large central structure that acts as a conduit for the mooring system. The construction can be accessed by tenders through a wet dock and multiple helicopter pads. The uppermost deck is covered by a retractable canopy, whilst the uppermost spot is situated at approximately 65 meters over the sea, consisting of an observatory that offers a great 360 degree view.


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